Maria Donovan

'Slaughterhouse Field'
'The House Demon'
Short Story collection: Pumping Up Napoleon


Short Story collection: Pumping Up Napoleon

Short shorts: Tea for Mr Dead


Flash Fiction story, 'Chess', wins The Dorset Prize in the Bridport Prize 2015. Thanks to David Gaffney and Roger McGough for deciding this was the highest placed entry by a Dorset writer in the competition. The prize is sponsored by The Book Shop, South St. Bridport, where the statue is on display along with copies of the Bridport Prize anthology. They also sell Pumping Up Napoleon.
Unpublished novel, The Chicken Soup Murder, is one of three finalists for The Dundee International Book Prize 2015.
10-year-old Michael is sure his neighbour's been murdered. Why doesn't anyone believe him? And how far is he prepared to go to let the truth be known?
Short story, 'Learning to Say До Свидания', published in New Welsh Short Stories (Seren: 2015)
'The Wish Dog', title story of an anthology of haunting tales from Honno Press.
 The Wish Dog edited by Penny Thomas and Stephanie Tillotson, was chosen as the Waterstones, WH Smith, Wales National Museums and Galleries and Wales Independent Bookshops Book of the Month for October 2014.

September 2014: guest judge for the PENfro literary festival short story competition.The winners are
First prize — Diana Powell for 'Ingrid, Audrey and Jean'
Second prize — Shirley Golden for 'The Parapet'
Third prize — Jo Mazelis for 'Marco's Eyes'.
Short story, 'Dog Sitting' in Issue 9 of The Lampeter Review 'The Man says, "Oh by the way, if the dog dies while we're gone, we won't blame you ..." '
Announcing Seren Shorts 1. Seren's first e-book, free to download. An anthology of nine selected stories from recent collections, including 'All the Souls' by Mary-Ann Constantine, 'The Scattering' by Jaki McCarrick, and 'The Dancing King' by Maria Donovan - from her collection Pumping Up Napoleon.
Available as a free download from Kindle and Kobo 
The entire Pumping Up Napoleon collection is now also available as a e-book for KIndle and Kobo

Maria is from Bridport in Dorset
. She's lived in other countries, speaks fluent Dutch, and has been a factory worker, nurse, gardener, magician's assistant, busker, student and university lecturer.

Founder member of the Welsh Short Story Network, which has a Facebook page and a Facebook group. Anyone interested in short stories can join. The Network welcomes local, national and international connections. 

'Slaughterhouse Field', a story set in Holland, can be downloaded or read as a pdf.  The story was commissioned by New Welsh Review, and written in response to Margiad Evans's novel Turf or Stone

And there's an i
nterview with Gwen Davies, editor of New Welsh Review 



Short stories by Maria Donovan


Pumping Up Napoleon

Tea for Mr Dead
: ultra short fiction (short shorts) 

Individual short stories
'Chess' in the Bridport Prize anthology 2015 (Redcliffe Press 2015)
'Learning to Say До Свидания' in New Welsh Short Stories (Seren: 2015)
'The Wish Dog' in The Wish Dog and other stories (Honno: 2014)
'Slaughterhouse Field' in Issue 92 of New Welsh Review

'The House Demon' in a new anthology of gothic tales: Sing Sorrow Sorrow 

‘My Own CVA’, a prizewinning story published in The Lancet

From the collection Pumping Up Napoleon

‘The New Adventures of Andromeda’ in The London Miscellany (Issue 51)

‘The Dancing King’in My Cheating Heart, ed. Kitty Sewell

‘Scary Tiger’ in Outercast 2: Insanity

‘The Love I Carry’ in New Welsh Review

The title story ‘Pumping Up Napoleon’ was first published in Mslexia. The entire story can be read here at East of the Web  

‘Invitation’ was broadcast on BBC Radio 4 as an Afternoon Story

Non fiction 

‘Shapeshifting: The Story of Megan Lloyd’ in Sideways Glances, ed. Jeni Williams 

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